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At Trylon SMR, we are dedicated Public Relations professionals solely serving clients in the media, technology, telecommunications, and related industries. We understand the specialized types of audiences our clients need to reach and the best media to reach those audiences. Trylon SMR develops and implements individually designed, cost-effective communications campaigns based on expert strategic planning and counsel.

Our successful approach is based on our proprietary "Reverse Reporting" model. Our experienced specialists work closely with your company to craft the stories that will receive the most effective and widest coverage possible.

At Trylon SMR, we believe in personalized service and responding quickly to a client's needs. And we don't make promises we can't keep. We're focused on delivering results.

Our client's objectives are identified, positioned and serviced professionally through a wide portfolio of tactics.

We service domestic and international clients from our headquarters in New York, leveraging our knowledge of, and relationships with the top national press located in the world's media capital (as detailed by Columbia Journalism Review ).


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